At Sigma Pensions, we believe that an investment in people is an investment in our shared future. Learning and growth are central to how we operate. We focus on each employee and their individual career development goals.

Sigma Pensions’ philosophy on human capital is to hire, train, develop and retain a well-motivated workforce that will implement the set objectives of the organization.

In concurrence with this, we strive to provide an employee-friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals thrive as they strive to achieve even more demanding challenges.

Similarly, Sigma Pensions is fully committed to the structured and systematic training and development of staff. This is aimed at enabling all staff to acquire the relevant skills, knowledge and related qualifications needed to develop their potential to enable them to meet the Company’s current and future Human Resource needs as well as ensure improved productivity levels throughout the Company.

It is our goal that all employees pursue functional excellence and lifelong skills development.