Portfolio Structure

The pension contributions received on behalf of our clients are invested in government bonds, corporate bonds, money market, equities and other permissible instruments through our Sigma Fund in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act, 2004 and the guidelines issued by PenCom.

The company started investment activities in May 2006 and today, has assets under management of over $1 Billion.

The funds under management comprise of the following: RSA Fund, Retiree fund, Afribank Fund, TCF Fund, CBN Fund, NNPC Fund, SEC Fund, NEXIM Fund, FAAN Fund, Jigawa Fund and Intercontinental Bank Fund.

The Pension Fund Custodian appointed for the custody of funds is UBA Pension Fund Custodian.

The RSA Fund is charged an administrative fee of N100 (One hundred naira) while the Retiree Fund is N50 (Fifty naira) monthly. Both fees incur  VAT charges of 5%.