PenCom is Issuing Compliance Certificates

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The National Pension Commission continues to issue 2012 Compliance Certificates to Organizations bidding or soliciting for contracts with Federal Government MDAs

The Certificate has replaced the erstwhile Letters of Compliance that were issued for the same purpose.

The following should be attached to the request:

  1. Evidence of remittance of monthly pension contribution to include:
    1. Certified list of employees;
    2. Certified statement of rate of employer/employee pension contributions
    3. Schedule of monthly pension contributions for the last 3yrs indicating: names of employees, RSA PINs, PFA name, amount of monthly employer/employee contribution.
    4. Schedule of evidence of remittance of monthly pension contributions to RSA for the last 3yrs indicating; date of payment, name of PFA, name and location of receiving bank, payment instrument reference number and amount paid.
  2. Evidence of transfer of all pension assets of any employee retirement benefit scheme prior to the commencement of the PRA 2004 to licensed operators
  3. Evidence of valid group life insurance policy for employees which should include amongst others; policy certificate, policy documents, schedule of employee covered by the policy indicating; name of employee, total annual emolument, sum assured and premium paid.
  4. Employers are to provide the softcopies of all documents relating to 1 & 2 above, while 3 can be in hard copy.

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