Defined Benefit Schemes Management

The Pension Reform Act allows employers with qualified existing schemes to carry on using it as normal for existing scheme members. Also, the Guidelines on payment of benefits provides that retirement benefits under any approved existing scheme shall continue to be paid under the terms and conditions provided by the Trust Deed.

To this end, Sigma has successfully managed over 12 existing schemes since inception in line with the objectives of the fund sponsors. We are willing to serve you in this respect if that is your preference.

In addition to the approved existing scheme, an employer can choose to maintain a gratuity fund aimed at ensuring that its retirees are paid additional gratuity in addition to any further pension entitlements.

If you have such a gratuity fund, we have adequately trained experts to manage your gratuity fund and administer the payment of such benefits.

At Sigma, we pride ourselves in partnering with our customers in all matters relating to pensions and sound investment advisory services. Such services include but not limited to valuable investment advice to existing pensioners within the Funds, actuarial valuation advisory, age profiling advisory, and portfolio structuring.

At Sigma Pensions, we have an efficient and well-trained customer service that is able to provide pension advisory services to customers on all matters relating to pension issues. Feel free to walk into any of our branches nationwide or contact us through the telephone or email to access information on all matters that border on pensions.

At Sigma Pensions, we believe that actuarial valuation plays a central role in the financial risk management of a scheme. This includes helping the trustees or the Fund sponsors in such areas as covenant assessment process and negotiations on the scheme funding requirements. Although we are not primarily involved in the business of actuary, we are able to guide customers seeking to carry out an actuarial valuation of their pension liabilities especially those seeking to migrate to the defined contributory scheme.

For clients seeking to carry out age-profiling to find out the age diversity and gender makeup of their organization, we are able to provide advisory services on how to access experts in this field.

Our management of the Retiree Fund seeks to maximize growth and stability while minimizing risk and emotion in the regular and consistent payment of retirement benefits to our esteemed customers. The heart of our approach is creating a nationally diversified portfolio spread among diverse asset classes that addresses the unique liquidity needs, returns requirements and risk tolerance of retirees. So, as their circumstances and needs change, the asset allocation is adjusted to keep them on track to meeting their goals amid dynamic market conditions.