Recruitment Policy

Sigma Pensions offers prospective employees the highest possible level of job satisfaction. Hence, we attract outstanding talent in all job disciplines. We are continually looking to recruit talented individuals and professionals. Our employees are selected for their expertise and skills.

We seek to increase our skills quotient continuously. By this, we mean that the skills capability must constantly improve since improvement represents productivity.

It, therefore, becomes imperative that each new employee recruited should impact on the overall capability and improved performance of the Company.
All employments/appointments are on the basis of merit, irrespective of tribe, gender, race, and religion. The principles that guide our recruitment process at Sigma include fairness, credibility, equal employment opportunities, and optimization of career prospects for all staff.

If you share our vision, believe that you could contribute to our success, and are looking for an exciting and challenging career in a diverse multicultural environment, Sigma Pensions is for you.