After registration, you’ll get your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you must give to your employer for remittance.

If you work in the Public sector and your RSA is self-funded, go to the pension desk officer at your employers and make sure your name is on the nominal roll sent to PENCOM. However, If you work in the private sector, inform the officer in charge of payroll and your pension account officer to follow up.

If you change your job, you should give your PIN to your new employer. (Note: that the PIN is mobile and valid for life)

Go back to your previous employer’s pension desk officer and ensure that your name and details were correctly placed in the nominal roll or schedule respectively or send an email to for your relationship manager to follow up.

Call our Automated Voice Response System 09-4613333 and follow the voice instructions or visit our website – Simply enter your username and password and click the Login button. If logging in for the first time, click the New User Sign-on link.

You can only have access to the value of your Voluntary Contributions (VC) subject to the AVC guidelines according on PRA 2014. However, before retirement, you can have access to 25% of Retirement Savings Account (RSA) balance if you have been out of a job for a period of 4 months and more.

You can make Voluntary Contributions (VC) alongside your statutory contributions to your Retirement Savings Account. Remittance of VC must come through your employer.