Sigma Pensions Unveils New Brand Identity

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new brand identity as part of the evolution of the Sigma brand. The new brand elements symbolize who we are today and showcases our dynamic futuristic approach to our business. We have an energized and rebranded team of competent thought leaders to actualize our goals.

Our New Strategic Vision: To be the pension fund manager of choice, providing innovative solutions.

Our New Strategic Mission: We are a high-performance team committed to creating exceptional value for our stakeholders.

Our New Values: In the spirit of our constant dedication to providing extraordinary value to our stakeholders, our core values are Teamwork, Leadership and Competence (TLC).

The New Sigma Pensions logo is iconic and has a trifold meaning:

  • The symbol is of a seed a-top two petals, which represents investment made that grows and blossoms into a tree providing returns on investment. It is also a circle that connotes inclusiveness and perpetuity.
  • The petals below the seed represent growth and increase, as it is in the financial services industry.
  • The entire logo is reminiscent of a financial institution that offers superior wealth management solutions and a solid, unwavering financial future.

Our Colors

  • The colour blue symbolizes a sense of security, while connoting trust, dependability and professionalism.
  • The colour green is perceived as the colour of money and liquidity. It represents Growth, Renewal, and Wealth.

Our new tagline “Working for You” is premised on our full commitment to building a customer-centric organization. We will ensure that all our resources are directed towards working efficiently and effectively to provide financial security for our stakeholders. The Sigma Heroes as we like to call ourselves will demonstrate our new core values of Teamwork, Leadership and Competence. We believe in strong work ethics, extremely high professional standards and excellent delivery of our brand promise. From the moment a contributor registers with Sigma Pensions until retirement, we will never stop working tirelessly for you.

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