Benefits payment is the endgame of the Contributory Pension Scheme. Pension Fund Administrators take pride in the timely payment of benefits to their contributors.

At Sigma Pensions, we pay out over 400m monthly as programmed withdrawal to over 13,000 retirees. Our Service Promise also ensures that benefits are paid to customers within 20 working days after submission of valid documentations & receipt of accrued rights (public sector).

However, some circumstances cause unavoidable delays.

We will take a look at some of them.


The National Pension Commission has mandated that all Retirement Savings Account holders embark on Biodata/Biometrics Recapturing. This is to ensure complete and accurate data of all RSA holders and the adoption of NIN as a unique identifier. Data recapture is an important pre-requisite for benefits payments for all RSA holders enrolled before July 2018.

In a case where an RSA holder is yet to complete their data recapture, the PFA will be unable to proceed with benefits payment.


In case of Death Benefits, it is highly recommended that RSA holders have a will to determine the beneficiaries of their RSA account and other properties. Where there is no will, a Letter of Administrator can be used to identify beneficiaries.

A Letter of Administration (LOA) is a document issued by the probate registry that allows someone to act as the administrator of an estate after someone has died. This document can be processed by anyone with access to the deceased’s personal documents – this may not be the deceased Next-of-Kin (NOK).

Delays may occur when

  • The Next of Kin on our database is different from the beneficiary with the Letter of Administration and The NOK refuses to give payment consent to the LOA beneficiary
  • One of the beneficiaries on the LOA refuses to give payment consent to other parties on the LOA


Some customers fall victim of fake documentation by ‘fake’ Government Officials.

The urge to ‘fast-track’ the processing of documents required for benefits through back channels exposes some customers to the receipt of fake and illegal documents. Many cases are observed in Death Certificates and Letter of Administrations required for Death Benefits Applications.

As a part of our responsibilities, representatives of Sigma Pensions are required to visit the probates to vet and confirm the validity of documents. During the course of vetting, fake documentations are exposed. This sets back the benefits application process and delays the payment to beneficiaries.

We therefore recommend that only official government channels should be used to obtain required documents, avoid short cuts.

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